Sunday, 2 March 2014

Charity bike ride QE to Burton Hsp for leukaemia

Hello all,

Well, I did my first charity bike ride today.  Not riding my own bike, but on the back of hubbies bike..... Well, it was not as bad as I thought - not being the one in control of the bike.  Plenty of time to look around and window shop, just sat there and enjoyed the ride.  Then a fun day when we got to Burton.

The charity ride was for Anthony Nolan trust/leukaemia research as one of Carl's work mates sister had it and had a bone marrow transplant and is now 100 days clear and is officially in remission and she wanted to do something to raise money and give back and her hubby is a biker..... So set up charity bike ride between the two hospitals that treated her.

There were over 100 bikes there, including a biker dressed as Tigger and another two dressed as Sylvester and tweety-pie (over their bike clothes of course). There were loads of people looking out of there windows probably wondering what were all these bikes doing, but most waved as we rode past and of course being the friendly bikers that we all are we waved back.

The only down side is that I am short and the bike is high so trying to cock my leg over the back of the bike which has a box on the back and hubby sat on the front is not a ladylike thing to do, and with padded armoured bike clothes on means you don't bend very much so it probably looked very comical watching me trying to get on.  But once on, the fun began.  After an hour and half of riding you do get a numb bum and need to stretch..... But it was worth it taking part in such a good cause.

Will post pictures later once I have downloaded them.


Debs xx