Sunday, 30 December 2012

Got my grove back ......

Hello all,

After having a couple of craftless days and no idea's I have finally spent the day crafting..... what a relief!  thought my get up and go and already got up and gone!

I have spend the day making gift boxes for jewellery (when I get round to making the jewellery - I will be making Shamballa bracelets, pandora style bracelets, charm bracelets, handbag charms, floating necklaces, ear rings, watches - to name a few things) - I have so many idea's for crafting this year - 2013 I mean.

I have batch made some cards for work - using foiled card blanks, and stamped and coloured images that I have stamped and coloured in over the past few months and put in a box ready to use in the future - well folks, the future is now and they are used!

What do you think?  All coloured in with Spectrum Noirs as usual and stamped with Momento ink and have used neenah card stock - as usual.

And here is my very first shamballa bracelet...... I am so proud of it.

Pandora style bracelets next, then charm bracelets, just waiting for all my stuff to arrive from EBAY - typical Internet shopping on Christmas Eve then having to wait for everything to arrive so I can play, still - gives me something to look forward to.

Well, I need to find a home for the 12 gift boxes I have made for the jewellery I intend to make and sell.

Well, suppose I had better think about what is for tea......

Have fun all and happy new year

Love Debs xx

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Happy Boxing Day..... 2012

Hello All,

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and didn't eat too much...... I seem to have so much left over food..... I think I shopped for 50 people not 5!  Still, time to start the diet in January - once all the food has gone ;-))

Well, I have been busy this week, I have been making jewellery and cards ready for next year, trying to get a head start on the year.

I am demoing at Osborne's, on  Saturday 5th January I am at the Harborne Store and on Sunday 6th January I am at the Sheldon stores.  I am using the new do-crafts ranges, chronology, vintages times and the capsule collection.  I have made a few samples and attached pictures below:

Whoops - I still manage to get some the wrong way round despite saving them to the computer the right way round...... technology is out to get me!

I even think I over fed the cats and dog at Christmas..... mind you, I think they were very happy, but slept all afternoon with very full tummies.

Well, that is all for now, going to curl up on the sofa and what some more Christmas movies and enjoy my time off work - it is way too short!

Well, Happy New Year to all.

Love Debs xx

Visit my website for demo dates.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Card Making Workshop dates for 2013

Hello all

Thought it was about time I got round to blogging again - I am really not very good at this and keep forgetting to blog...... naughty me.

I thought I would put a list of my card making workshop dates on here for 2013 - all at William Lenches Truest, Quinton, Bham (opposite the Punch Bowl Pub) from 10am - 12pm on Sundays.  Everybody is welcome and I cater for all levels of crafters from absolute beginner to advanced crafter.

The Card Demon – Debbie Roberts – 
Workshop Dates for 2013 at Lenches Trust, Quinton 10am - 12pm.

15th September
29th September
20th October
10th November
24th November
8th December

I have been very creative lately and have been designing new projects to do for each workshop - I have had quiet a few creative moments - normally about 3am in the morning and can't sleep!  Still, if it works don't knock it.

I have been doing a little jewellery making.... here is a watch I created for a  present for some one and made the box to match.

Below are some pictures of cards and projects I have done - 50 shades was very popular......

You can't beat a good old fashioned penny slider card......

I aim to start to updating my blog regularly and also start to put pictures and instructions on here of how to do certain projects each month - a new one each month for you to copy and create new things.  That is my plan.....  

Well, off to update my website now - - if you fancy popping along to have a look there are loads more pictures of cards on there.

Until next time.  Happy Crafting.

Love Debs xx