Wednesday, 18 May 2016

men's card... the printable craft shop

Hello all,

Well, I have done another card for the design team for The Printable Craft Shop - well two cards actually, 1 traditional design and 1 using the exact same papers but made into a completely different card.

traditional card

alternative card

Below I will go through how I made each card.

Traditional card.

The card I used was a magic card, where you can open the card by folding back the side panels and fold back again and get a different view.

Using all products from The Printable Craft Shop which I printed out on 250 gsm card stock. I printed out the following items.

Two topper sheets
2 base card sheets (with backing paper printed on reverse)
2 part envelope

I cut all parts out and scored where indicated.

using the two card panels, I glued each top corner and stuck the top panel vertical across the bottom horizontal piece and did the same with the bottom two pieces.

then simply decorate the card and it is finished. :-) 

Alternative card.

I used the following

backing paper
topper sheet
1 A4 white card (made into A5 card blank
1 A5 piece black card
2 silver buckles - (from a punch)

I started by folding the white card to make a A5 card blank and across the top of the black card, I measured across and found the centre and made a slit down the centre 1 1/2 inches and folded it back to look like a collar.  I stuck the black card on to the card blank leaving the collar open.

I took the backing paper and trimmed to fit the front of the card but on the reverse side drew the shape of an apron.

I then cut this own and punched out two buckles from some scrap silver card stock and threaded them on to the straps of the overalls/apron, then stuck this on to the front of the card.  I made a pocket from the scrap backing paper and stuck to the front of the card.

Using the topper sheet, I cut out the tools, saw, paint brush, etc and tucked them inside the pocket.  I finished the card with a sentiment.

This is the finished alternative card, perfect for a man's card.

Happy crafting, TTFN

Debs x