Saturday, 7 February 2015

Four Corner Card.......

Hello again,

Well, I met some lovely ladies today at the Motorcycle Museum Paper Crafting Fair who were interested in making a version of the four corner card - the version they saw was using circles and with the edges die cut with a lovely border die.

I am showing in the pictures below a square version of the card, but the instructions are the same you just start with squares instead of circles.

1. cut four squares/circles exactly the same size.
2. fold each piece in half then in quarters - if you want to die cut the edges do that now.
3. on the bottom right quarter of each piece of card score from the centre point to the outside point (creating a mountain fold)
4. On the bottom left quarter of each piece of card, you need to trim this corner out as it is not needed - IMPORTANT - ensure you leave a little bit cut in extra as a tab to stick to the next piece of card.
5. using the tab, stick this to the top left corner of the card, making a triangle corner, the bottom of the triangle should be your mountain fold you created in step 3.
6. do this for all 4 pieces of card.
7. take one piece of card and stick the back of one side to another piece of card ensuring the mountain folds are at the bottom, and it should look like the first picture below.
8. repeat this with all four pieces of card.
9. do not stick the first and last piece together this way you can open and close the card.

Finished decorated pictures below.

Hope you enjoy making this card.


Happy Crafting

Love Debs x