Saturday, 8 February 2014

Glass painting with a difference.....

Hello all,

I have prepared another project for our card making workshops, this is a variation on glass painting and you can create some lovely gifts using this technique.

For this I have used plain white tiles (that you can buy for your kitchen or bathroom) they are a lovely size to make coasters from and also by putting 6 together you can make place mats also, enabling your to create your own personalised dinner place settings.

You can also create door plaques with them, using ribbon or cord, stick this to the reverse of the tile then cover with felt or card ensuring a solid stick so the ribbon or cord does not come loose.

I do suggest sticking felt/material/card onto the back of the tile to ensure it does not scratch any surfaces you place them on.

We will be creating coasters in a future workshop (see list of dates on >>>>> side of page for workshops).

To start, you need a tile, some acrylic paint and some stencils and sponges.  Wet wipes are essential as you will get messy and a messy mat (or greaseproof paper) to cover your work area.  Gloves are optional if you don't want to get messy.  But it is only paint and does wash off.

You can create your own stencils from punches and dies or just purchase stencils from craft shops for this.

Starting with a plain while tile, I decided to create seasons, so I created a Christmas one, a Halloween one (my favourite time of the year) and a valentines/love one and a couple off flower ones and finally a DEB one.


For the Christmas tile, I used Santa in his sleight and a reindeer (which I move along and stencilled 3 times) to create a flying Santa across the top of my tile.  I used black paint for this and used glitter glue to draw in the reins from the sledge to the reindeer.

I then used a tree stencil across the bottom of the tile and repeated the tree's so they created a line of trees across the bottom using green paint and again added glitter, finally using red paint, I stencilled Merry Christmas in the middle of the tile to finish.


all techniques are the same as for the Christmas tile, but this time I used a cut out of the word LOVE and stencilled through this in red paint, and a stencil of a bottle and glasses and stencilled through the bottle in green and the glasses in yellow and again glittered.


I did have to limit myself to only creating one tile, otherwise all the tiles would have been Halloween with pumpkins, cats, witches, bats, spiders, haunted houses, graveyards, etc, I could have gone on forever with this theme.  I am a very big fan of anything scary.....

I used a bat, flying witch, cat and spider stencil and put one in each corner using black paint. Using a glitter glue I drew a spiders web around the spider in diamond holographic glitter, so it does not over power the spider but does give a lovely shine finish around the spider (which spider web does do in sunlight - I have seen a lot of spider webs.....)  I also touched up the bat with a bit of glitter to show veins in his wings and the witches broom.  I then stencilled the words Happy Halloween, the top half in black in and the bottom half of the words in red ink and using the sponge blended them.


I decided to have a play with this one and create a coaster just for me for my craft room.  I decided I wanted my name on it and wanted to use my two favourite colours, pink and lime green.

I stencilled DEB in pink and green paint and using a paint brush, painted lime green swirls around the four corners of the tile and put a pattern of dots under the name DEB.

I then used a stencil of a flower and used pink, lime green and yellow paint (from the outside in) to create a beautiful colour blended flower in the centre of the tile.

I them glittered liberally.... as you do in these situations!


Finally I created two tiles with flowers, for the first time I used a flower stencil in the middle of the tile I stencilled green for the stems and red for the flowers and used a smaller flower in each corner and used yellow on the outside and red on the inside,  I then glittered.  In the centre of the flowers I added a pearl drop (if you intend to put cups on this you may not want to do this as it does create a raised pearl).

For the second tile, I decided to put the large flower overlapping each corner edge and again used green and red paint for the flowers and again glittered and put a liquid pearl in the centre of each flower.

To seal the paint and tiles, I used Crafter's Companion glitter sprays to seal the paint.  You can use Spray and Shine for a clear glossy finish or Spray and Sparkle for a glitter finish, I do love their new Pearlescant Spray and Sparkle ans it gives a lovely shiny pearl finish with a hint of glitter.

Please be aware that these are not fully water proof or dishwasher safe.

Please give them a wipe over with a damp cloth (not wet) or wet wipe to clean.

Using the same techniques, you can use this on glass candles, cups, glasses, windows, and create matching sets to give as gifts.

As you can probably tell, I had a lot of fun last night creating these (and got very messy hands in the process but it was so worth it).

Until next time Happy Crafting.....


Debs X