Thursday, 11 December 2014


Me again,

Its very hard to find any nice crackers with decent items in them and the colours to match my decorations...... So I have made my own!

Using the tonic cracker die I cut the basic shape out of pretty card, and die cut some poinsettia's and built them up to three layers, using a mixture of glitter card, miri card and red card,  added leaves and of course glitter and a gem in the centre of the flower.

Using pretty ribbon, I tied one end of the cracker up and put a secret gift in the crafter, added a ribbon at the other end of the cracker, them decorated with poinsettia's, leaves, ferns etc.

The good thing about making your own crackers, you can use the colours of your choice, along with decorating them how you would like and put your own gifts inside or use them as tree decorations - a little tip - don't put chocolates in them if you have a dog that loves chocolates else you will find the crackers unwrapped and no chocolates - and a very energetic dog on a sugar high!

TTFN - happy crafting.

Debs x