Friday, 25 October 2013

What a bad week.....

What a crap week I have had. Monday started the week OK, Tuesday morning about 3am woke up with a migraine and being sick this carried on for all of Tuesday and Wednesday couldn't even keep water down. .Woke up Thursday still with migraine but managed to eat a piece of toast before going to work. Big mistake..... Lasted about 20 minutes before headache was too much, got too hot and went for a nap face down on the floor in the office....... Very ladylike I don't think!  One crash call later and one ambulance to city hospital, high blood pressure And heart rate double what it should be... Still with migraine. They decided I needed a 12 lead heart monitor - lovely, all clothes from top off - not a good sight,  very degrading. They then decided I needed fluids as was dehydrated and anti sickness drugs and pain killers..... OK I thought one little needle and would feel better - or so you would think.  Needle inserted in right arm inner elbow. In go the fluids - very painful..... Needle not in vein fluid going into arm - MADE ME FORGET THE MIGRAINE..... Removed needle, tried other arm/hand for a good vein - no joy so back to the first arm which is swollen and painful as waiting for the fluid to be absorbed into my arm. Needle inserted in wrist by base of thumb - very painful going in but at least in vein - fluids and drugs now going in.  All the time still monitoring my heart rate and blood pressure and sticking pins in my fingers to measure my blood sugar.  Finally i think it would get better - the fire alarm goes off, now hiding under blanket in hospital gown with hands over ears- now thinking I felt better before they took me to hospital.... 15 mins later it finally stopped.
Fluids and drugs final oy in, heart rate now down to 105 beats per min and blood pressure going back down, told I could go home and must take it easy and rest - only took 5 hours....  Taking the needle out was a problem..... they pulled it out something went wrong and ended up big lump filled with blood under skin - told it would go down - very painful.

Now Friday night, no longer being sick - but still have headache..... I think I am being punished - 4 days with a migraine, is there no justice in this world.

Still, the moral of this story is the nhs staff were lovely and made me feel like they were going to help me, even though things went wrong with the needle's the staff were brilliant, especially the nurses and the ambulance staff, they couldn't have been nicer, it makes me proud to work for the nhs and be a part of it.